New Surfer Diaries: One day… That Will Be Me

After a long dry spell, I am finally back in the water! I managed to get myself out to Alii Beach (see my experiences at this break here and here) for a session with a lineup of virtual strangers, but we made conversation while out on the water.

The waves were pretty small, which made for a great day to practice surfing also wakesurfing because The water pretty flat outsite of the waves that suit for Cano can go with cool wake surfing boards. SMALL waves, and I waited most of the time … watched as a guy on his long board fish with rod and reel and caught a nice size papio. The humpback whales were breaching and fin slapping just beyond the buoy. That gives you the picture of the kind of day it was.

But sets came in that were impressive to some of the beginners. Waves were steeper, but not powerful. So you can feel the force of the wave right when it breaks, pop up and find that you are hardly moving. I wondered what had happened to my surfing … maybe I need to step up towards the nose for more speed … but nope, just no gusto on these waves today after they break.

But yet others out with more experience find a wave that takes them all the way in. I need to figure out how they do that and catch those waves that don’t even break as they ride it with no white wash? Hmm. I was perplexed, but this guy just made it look so easy and fun.

One day…that will be me.

I caught a few more waves, but found that it was difficult to get a long ride even though it seemed possible at those wave size. Either I pearled or I narrowly avoided a pearl by throwing board off to the side. I did that once by sheer instinct, and thought it funny at what I just did to avoid pearling. I ended up body surfing the wave for a bit floating up in the white wash. Small kine reward!

I did get great practice turtling. Still trying to find best way to be under board; straight, hug with feet or this new one I did pull board down with arms as you put your feet on the board in opposing forces (kind of like an upside down squat). I kind of like that upside down squat but not sure how that would work in shallow waters. Maybe not a good idea for risk of hitting back on rocks. Sometimes I turtled too early so I had to wait with my head above water until right before the wave gets to me.

Timing is everything.

Upon observation, the steeper waves require an angled take off rather than straight forward like when catching those little waves with no wall for a break that just turns into white wash versus breaking with crest coming down. Step up so adjustments to be made.

Which Snowboard Gloves Should I Buy?

Snowboard gloves will go through a lot of wear and tear due to regular contact with the snow and your snowboard. Having a good pair of gloves is essential to keep your hands dry and warm. There are a few points to consider when choosing which snowboard gloves to buy.

Gloves or Mittens

Certain differences exist between gloves and mittens. Mittens are made to cover your whole hand with a separate space for your thumb while gloves have separate openings for all five fingers to fit into.

In terms of water resistance, mittens are probably a better choice as they have fewer seams which will reduce the possibilities for water to penetrate. In terms of warmth, mittens would keep the hands warmer with the fingers being in contact with each other. For mobility, gloves are preferred as you can move your individual fingers for grasping your snowboard, clothing and accessories.

It all comes down to personal preference and what suits you.

Waterproofing and Durability

Paying a decent amount of money on a good pair of gloves that provides a high level of waterproofing and durability is a good idea rather than buying cheap gloves that will fall apart less than a season of use. It is advisable to purchase snowboard gloves that are made of highly waterproof fabric such as Gortex with double, triple-stitched or taped seams and palms and fingers that are reinforced. Ensure that the cuffs of the gloves have been designed properly so that they cover the sleeves of the jacket keeping the snow out.

Inner Liner

An inner liner that is removable can provide better insulation and prevent moisture building up inside gloves or mittens. Taking them off when you are finished with snowboarding or even during extended breaks will ensure your mittens or gloves dry faster. On warmer days, the liners can be taken off as well.

Generally, the snowboard gloves that you end up purchasing depend on personal preference. Certain people prefer mittens as they provide more warmth at lower temperatures whereas gloves provide better mobility. Beginner snowboarders may favour mittens over gloves, whilst more advanced snowboarders may favour gloves as it is easier to grasp objects such as personal belongings. When it all comes down to it, there is no right or wrong answer if one chooses to buy mittens or gloves. Snowboarders should experiment with both mittens and gloves so they find the best fit and protection.

Snowboarding Gear – Which to Choose for Beginner Snowboarders?

snowboarding gear If you want to be a great snowboarder, preparing enough knowledge about the proper and best snowboarding gear would be an essential thing. Before buying such things, you need to seek for some advice on things you are going to buy.

You need to ensure of having safer and better snowboarding. With proper snowboarding gear, the risk of injuring yourself while experiencing the snowboarding can be reduced.

What’s more, you are supposed to have Snowboarding clothing of your own. Don’t worry, there are various choices for you to buy, from waterproof clothes, warm slothes, jackets, scarves, to various pants.

Snowboard Gear of Different Types

There are certain items of snowboarding gear that would be essential for the beginner snowboarders. Even for every other kind of snowboarder, learning about the main types of snowboards as well as about their proper width and shapes is a very important thing.

Each type will be suited for different usage, thus ensuring of safer and sounder snowboarding. Make sure you choose these snowboarding gear items very carefully before doing this fun winter sport.

What to Do for Beginner?

A freestyle board is the best option for the beginners for it will be easy to use. Besides, it also handles better than other types of snowboards. Turning too is achieved better with the freestyle snowboard.

For their snowboarding gear, beginner snowboarders also have to choose carefully for good pair of boots and accompanying bindings. They should ensure that the boots are comfortable and that their feet feel comfortable and remain warm as well.

Other factors worth noting are cushioning and lining. The boots must also flex well so that they allow you to control the speed of the snowboard as well as its direction.

Proper snowboarding gear will help to keep you warm, especially with the fact that you will be snowboarding in very cool (if not freezing) conditions. Such equipment also allows you enough latitude so as to not hamper free movement.

Mostly, you will need to choose to buy more than a single layer of clothing. That’s why you are suggested to buy snowboarding gear such as underwear and cotton shirts as well as a fleece pullover. A thick jacket and finally a jacket that is essentially waterproof are important as well. More layers you have will guarantee you to adjust your comfort levels as well as keep warm to a degree that suits you the best.

So, you are supposed to round up your purchase of snowboarding gear as a good preparation before doing snowboarding. You may also want to complete your purchase of necessary accessories, from goggles, gloves to warm socks.

Include the purchase of ear warmers as well as sun block as too items of safety (such as knee and wrist guards), and you can have fun and ensure of being safe while you have your snowboarding.

How to find a cheap snowboard

Ok, so you are new to the world of Snowboarding. Or maybe you have tried it out a few times and you’ve finally decided that this is definitely for you. That’s cool, but now you realize that you don’t have any equipment or materials to call your own!

Snowboarding can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life, but it doesn’t come cheap. For those of us who like to hang on tightly to our wallets (if you’re reading this, we are going to assume that includes you), snowboarding equipment can seem to be pretty costly.

Nonetheless, there is always the option to rent the board and accessories that you need. This choice will work for anyone who will only be snowboarding on occasion. On the contrary, if you are sure that you will be snowboarding more than twice a month, then you will most certainly need to purchase the equipment that you need.

This is where the issue comes in- how and where are you going to find a good, stylish board at a price that will leave you room to grab that designer jacket you’ve been eyeing? Luckily, being able to buy a cheap snowboard is not as rare as you think.

By researching your options and comparing prices, you may be able to save a lot of money while still getting what you need. (Please note that you will need boots and bindings before you can truly snowboard). I have listed a few ways here:

Shopping for Your Snowboard

1) Used boards– Used snowboards are actually not that bad. Many people sell their older models as they upgrade to newer ones. The variety and fashion of a used board may be limited depending upon where you live. Look in your local newspapers, ski resorts (if you reside near any), and even on an online electronic paper, like the AJC in Georgia. You may be shocked in your findings.

2) eBay– I’m sure that you have heard of one of this popular website. There are several similar sites out there as well. Google the term, ‘sites similar to eBay’ and lots of them will pop up. If you would rather place your bid in person, check out a local auction in your area.

3) Craigslist– Who could forget about good ol’ Craigslist? This site is designed for people who would like to sell their old or used items which they no longer want or need. I call it the ‘garage sale’ website. If you search locally, you can usually meet with the seller to investigate any product before actually buying it.

4) Advertised Discounts– Nothing new to the world of buying-and-selling, advertisements are the main source of revenue for many companies. These showcased deals are perfect to lure potential buyers such as yourselves into the many stores displaying snowboards and accessories. However, if you don’t pay attention or if you rush the experience, you may end up paying or taking home more than what you bargained for.

5) The World Wide Web– The internet offers an array of sites hosting complete lines of snowboarding materials with extraordinary prices, surpassing that of the rates you would see at a regional store. Why is because the internet’s market is broader in selections. is one of my personal favorites.

Buying a Board Online

When buying anything online, you must consider a few things in order to make sure that your online transactions are all safe. This includes ensuring that your internet connection is protected and that the website you want to buy from is real.

Simply check to see if the site is secure by looking for the security features located on the bottom right-hand side of your browser. The security feature generally is in the form of a tiny padlock.

Whichever website you choose to purchase your snowboard from will surely include various boards in a wide array of colors and designers, so take your time in selecting a board that exudes your own personal style.

In conclusion, no matter what form of shopping you choose, you must take the time to research your options. This will allow you to pick and purchase the snowboard that you really want for a price that does not empty your wallet. By following my advice, not only will you save money… but you will be able to scope that mountain in style!

Becoming a Snowboard Instructor

The dream to become a snowboard instructor can be one that is achievable. Be informed about what becoming a snowboard instructor entails and see if it is a job that you would like to pursue.


The pay can be pretty low so many instructors tend to have a couple of other jobs to make up for the lack of pay. They may choose to do night jobs such as bar tending so it does not conflict with their day job. Extra money can also be earnt from tips if you do a great job.

Due to the low level of pay, many resorts will provide benefits and perks to make up for the low wage. These perks include free lift passes, discounts on food and accommodation, free training clinics and free ski and snowboard lessons.

Why be an instructor

Snowboard instructing is fun and rewarding. The lifestyle can be pretty good as well with invites to parties by student and being able to snowboard on a regular basis. It’s great to be paid to do something that you love!

It can also be rewarding as you can see your students master the art of snowboarding even if it takes days of practice. You will also becoming a more experienced snowboarder and have the opportunity to meet many advance snowboard instructor who can provide free advice and help hone your snowboarding technique.

Characteristics needed to be a snowboard instructor

It is good to have at least six to ten weeks of riding experience before going out and getting a training certificate. The emphasis however is more on your ability to teach than snowboard. Being patient, outgoing and positive will go a long way. You should like a challenge, not be afraid of talking to people and enjoy helping people.

Developing certain skills

A variety of skills will be developed whilst you are a snowboard instructor. These include people skills, conversational skills, presentation skills, leadership, confidence and patience. The more skills you are equipped with, the more employable you are in any profession that you choose to follow.

Becoming a snowboard instructor is a fun job to have if you are looking to travel, make new friends and have a sense of adventure. If you want to earn a good living out of being a snowboard instructor then this is probably not the job for you. What it doesn’t make up in income makes up for good experience and enjoyment.

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