Becoming a Snowboard Instructor

The dream to become a snowboard instructor can be one that is achievable. Be informed about what becoming a snowboard instructor entails and see if it is a job that you would like to pursue.


The pay can be pretty low so many instructors tend to have a couple of other jobs to make up for the lack of pay. They may choose to do night jobs such as bar tending so it does not conflict with their day job. Extra money can also be earnt from tips if you do a great job.

Due to the low level of pay, many resorts will provide benefits and perks to make up for the low wage. These perks include free lift passes, discounts on food and accommodation, free training clinics and free ski and snowboard lessons.

Why be an instructor

Snowboard instructing is fun and rewarding. The lifestyle can be pretty good as well with invites to parties by student and being able to snowboard on a regular basis. It’s great to be paid to do something that you love!

It can also be rewarding as you can see your students master the art of snowboarding even if it takes days of practice. You will also becoming a more experienced snowboarder and have the opportunity to meet many advance snowboard instructor who can provide free advice and help hone your snowboarding technique.

Characteristics needed to be a snowboard instructor

It is good to have at least six to ten weeks of riding experience before going out and getting a training certificate. The emphasis however is more on your ability to teach than snowboard. Being patient, outgoing and positive will go a long way. You should like a challenge, not be afraid of talking to people and enjoy helping people.

Developing certain skills

A variety of skills will be developed whilst you are a snowboard instructor. These include people skills, conversational skills, presentation skills, leadership, confidence and patience. The more skills you are equipped with, the more employable you are in any profession that you choose to follow.

Becoming a snowboard instructor is a fun job to have if you are looking to travel, make new friends and have a sense of adventure. If you want to earn a good living out of being a snowboard instructor then this is probably not the job for you. What it doesn’t make up in income makes up for good experience and enjoyment.

Becoming a Snowboard Instructor

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